About us

Since we established in 2014,we have diversified our supply of mats to the whole continent of Africa.we do offer after sales service to keep our customers recognize how important our products are.we give a guarantee of 18 months to all our products,samples of our quality material and in different colors can be presented to reachable customers for them to make a choice of colors of their interest if the need arise.we operate from Monday to Saturday and from 0800 hrs - 1630hrs .Deliveries can be made 7days/ week prior to arrangements with the customer. All orders are completed within 7 days from the day of order placement. Free delivery is offered. Orders can place through email, WhatsApp and direct calls,that we respond 7days/week .

Our team

Ben Kachingamire picture

Ben Kachingamire

sales and production executive

Ben Kachingamire has made the company well established in his hardworking and good customer service, he always provide after sale service to all his customers, that has made this company more popular in its professional operations.

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